Did you know that employees spend just 18 minutes enrolling in benefits? We all know that this is not nearly enough time to fully understand programs in place for your employees.

Navigating health care is intimidating with lots of strange words, acronyms, and coverage questions that employees need answers for in real-time, by someone who knows. The RT Consulting Contact Center is here to help your employees navigate the world of health care and other benefits not just during the open enrollment process, but throughout the entire year. RT has a data-driven personalized approach that ensures that employees have all their questions answered, and we provide the appropriate support to you and your employees to meet your objectives.

We strongly believe in a strong education and communication strategy and work hard to improve utilization of benefit programs and participant engagement.

RT Consulting Works for You

  • Individual benefit onboarding

  • Education and enrollment support via the RT Consulting Contact Center

  • Your own dedicated benefits representatives and messaging to ensure consistency

  • Customized communication campaigns

  • Benefits education and enrollment during new hire onboarding and support for mergers and acquisitions

  • Regular reporting and updates from the RT Consulting Team

  • Simplify benefits administration – let RT work for you in the background
  • Reduce your administrative costs
  • Increase employee participation and knowledge of benefit programs
  • Provide decision support at the time of enrollment
  • Drive a consistent message and understanding of your company initiatives