Dedicated Back Room Support

Dedicated Back Room Support

Dedicated Benefit Call Center

RT Representatives act as an on-demand benefits “concierge” for all clients handling:
  • Medical Plan inquiries and information
  • Claim issue resolution
  • ID Cards
  • Act as a client advocate with the carrier

Eligibility and Enrollment

  • Enrollments and changes are handled at the Benefit Center
  • Electronic retention of employee documents for research, confirmation of benefits and communications
  • Weekly Electronic Data Interface (EDI) file with Carrier
  • Audits of carrier files

Claims Administration

  • Monthly claims analysis
  • Monthly claims audits
  • Monthly experience reporting, by a plan, to Client
  • Cross-check reports and systems to ensure payment accuracy and catch costly errors

COBRA Administration

  • Notify terminated members of rights via mailing of COBRA packets
  • Assist members with elections, eligibility and invoice questions
  • Monitor election and premium payment guidelines
  • Invoice COBRA premiums
  • Monitor COBRA eligibility dates for impending terminations

Accounts Receivable

  • Daily payment posting and reconciliation reports
  • Monthly medical premium invoicing to Client
  • Month-end premium balancing and reconciliation reports