Association Plans offer several unique challenges as compared to individual sponsors
  • Administration: Increased complexity around eligibility, enrollment, member and participant services
  • Compliance: Increased and intensified Federal and State requirements with corresponding increases in filings
  • Finances: Funding arrangement constraints along with large vs. small group underwriting models
  • Strategy: Managing profitable growth and turnover while competing with carrier partners and emerging public exchanges

RT realizes the challenges posed by the dynamics across all industries. Legislative uncertainties along present the need for superior expertise and administration. We tailor our administrative service, plan designs, and delivery model around the unique needs of each client.

RT provides a best-in-class team with an in depth knowledge of the various regulatory environments, financial reporting standards, communication requirements, and all forward thinking initiatives. RT strives to protect our client and its employees not only now, but for the long term. Our ultimate goal is to create proactive strategies to know the outcomes around administrative, compliance, financial and strategic results.

Working together with our clients, we create advantages similar to those of large companies. RT helps to create tremendous leverage and buying power coupled with personalized and nimble services.

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