Sage Benefit Advisers

  • Sage Benefit Advisers is a privately held Employee Benefits Consulting Firm taking pride in exceptional knowledge of the employee benefits landscape. We are able to provide our clients with the knowledge and services necessary for their success.


    • Transparency: We maintain open and clear communication with our clients.
    • Integrity: Building a strong sense of trust and accountability.
    • Collaboration: We work together with our clients and partners.
    • Excellence: Focus on commitment to greater success and improvement internally and externally.

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Cambridge Advisory Group

    • Actuarial and benefits consulting firm founded in 1999
    • Second largest privately held actuarial firm in the United States
    • Clients include many Fortune 200 companies operating domestically and internationally, as well as   several State and Federal regulators and agencies
    • Experience includes work with the federal government, union organizations and major insurance  companies
    • Has served as an expert witness to both private and governmental entities on such matters as fraud, damages realized through price fixing, appropriate actuarial practices and protocols, fiduciary  responsibilities of both plan and third party administrators as well as claim practices and related   reserving issues
    • Affordable and flexible solutions for qualified and non-qualified retirement and health and welfare benefits
    • “Clients First” approach – Cambridge is a “flat” organization where every employee touches every client

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The ERISA Advisory Group

    • EAG provides ERISA consulting and Independent Fiduciary Services to all ERISA covered plans
    • Independent Fiduciary, 18 years; Owned TPA firm, 16 years.
    • U.S. Department of Labor- EBSA Investigator for 7 years
    • DOL, IRS, US Attorney Office and Court Appointed Independent Fiduciary
    • 25 years experience with ERISA Covered Plans (Retirement nad Health & Welfare Plans)
    • Specialist in Associations and PEO Plans
    • Provide consulting services to PEOs and Trade Associations that would like to offer ERISA covered plans to their members
    • Provide Fiduciary services for all ERISA covered plans
    • Conduct feasibility studies for MEP Plans
    • Perform Service Provider Reviews
    • Manage DOL and IRS Audits
    • Review Plan transactions for compliance with ERISA
    • Provide Expert Witness Testimony
    • Affordable and flexible solutions for qualified and non-qualified retirement and health and welfare benefits
    • “Clients First” approach – Cambridge is a “flat” organization where every employee touches every client

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Thomas Brady & Associates

    • Thomas Brady & Associates is a national independent insurance firm that has been in business for   over 45 years. The firm specializes in estate planning, business planning and insurance review and   placement for successful individuals, families and businesses.
    • The Brady team is made up of advisors with backgrounds in insurance, estate planning,   non-qualified executive benefit planning and tax and business law, provides custom strategies and   solutions through superior personal service, integrity and expertise.
    Thomas Brady and Associates specializes in all areas of:

    Estate planning

    • Income Protection
    • Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts
    • Leveraged Credit Shelter Trusts
    • Grantor Retained Annuity Trusts
    • Annuity/IRA Conservation
    • Split Dollar Life Insurance
    • Family Limited Partnerships
    • Qualified Personal Residence Trusts
    • Asset Protection Strategies
    • Private Financing Arrangements
    • Long Term Care Insurance
    • Charitable Planning

    Business planning

    • Buy-Sell Arrangements
    • Key Person Planning
    • Split Dollar Life Insurance
    • Non-Qualified Deferred Comp
    • Long Term Care Insurance
    • Disability Income Protection
    • Spousal Lifetime Access Trusts
    • Supplemental Executive
    • Retirement Plans
    • Executive Bonus Plans
    • DBO Plans

    Insurance review and placement

    • Independence – Access to Multiple Insurance Carriers
    • Comprehensive Policy Reviews
    • Trust Owned Life Insurance Review
    • Underwriting Advocacy
    • Vital Signs and Carrier Solvency Analysis
    • Insurance Implementation
    • Life Settlements


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ERISA Legal Counsel

    • Attorney with over 20-years of experience counseling and litigating on issues involving ERISA’s fiduciary and prohibited transaction provisions.
    • Niche practice area counseling trade associations, including several state bankers’ associations, and professional organizations that sponsor welfare and pension arrangements for their membership.
    • Experienced with defending Department of Labor investigations performed by regional offices all over the country.
    • Extensive experience handling the complicated regulatory environment of multiple employer welfare arrangements (MEWAs). Provides counsel for employers and health insurance issuers on the Patient Protection Accountability Act.
    • Approved as panel counsel for select fiduciary liability carriers.

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